Mathieu Sbai is innovating education by developing an innovative method for kids. It is called the Aleph method. According to Mathieu Sbai, children have excellent learning skills. Thus, they have no difficulty in assimilating different notions to complete their studies. The goal of the method is to allow the youngest children to obtain the baccalaureate diploma at the age of 15 instead of waiting until they are 18. According to Mathieu Sbai, this child capacity is remarkable. It should not be ignored in any way. According to him, these motions adapt to children. Mathieu Sbai states that a child can use negative number concepts very early, but they are not taught these lessons until they are twelve.

The Aleph method allows children to access knowledge with fun and enthusiasm. They will develop a taste for a sense of curiosity and study. This technique uses examples from everyday life with the aim of illustrating different concepts.

The Aleph method is a very effective way of teaching children to learn.

Here is another example: it is possible to talk about the concept of pH when talking about the color of a swimming pool. The concept of globalization is easily understood when talking about McDonald’s restaurant chains. There is no need to wait years to get children to discover these concepts. They are not limited. They are able to learn as quickly as adults when teachers provide them with the best techniques to do so.

With this Mathieu Sbai‘s method, children are provided with the methods to be successful. This method emphasizes the potential of the smallest children.

The origins of the Aleph Method

The Aleph Method has its origins in the story of Hugo Sbai. The latter graduated from high school in science in 2012 at the age of 12. He graduated from high school with honors. Thus, children who graduate from high school at a younger age are often considered gifted. In addition, Hugo excelled in various subjects. He obtained a mark of 20 in SVT and 19 in Mathematics. His French grade is also 20.

This young prodigy enjoys the support of his family. Certainly, taken seriously by his family and especially by his aunts Meryem and Florence, he studies upper class concepts. This opportunity allows him to gain years.

In 2007, Hugo moves from first grade to second. He skips his CM2 to land in middle school. Yet, he is already assimilating the entire middle school curriculum. His singular program thus saves him six years. A family of intellectuals is at the origin of this method. They are above all his two aunts Florence and Meryem. The latter, a doctorate graduate of the university « Pierre and Marie Curie » obtained her diploma with the mention « very honorable » in addition to the congratulations of the jury.

For her part, Florence Sbai also graduated with a doctorate in immunology has crossed the largest universities in the world. She was a supervisor of many researchers before moving to the UK to lead a team of engineers. They both continue to improve their skills day by day.

Key points of the Aleph method by Mathieu Sbai

In addition to not underestimating the potential of children, the Aleph method establishes certain rules including:

Learning while having fun

The Aleph Method respects the child’s age. Even while learning, he continues to play. The goal of this method is therefore to stimulate him. In this context, the child learns and uses his memory to retain the knowledge acquired. Thus, he does not see studies as an obligation, but as a pleasure. Aleph’s mission is to allow children from different backgrounds to enjoy studying

Solid foundations for every subject

Despite being six years out of school, Hugo Sbai has enjoyed a completeness of knowledge. He has not neglected any subject. The Aleph Method demonstrates that years less does not mean neglecting subjects. It is crucial to have a solid foundation in science and literary subjects.

Here are the ten key points around this learning technique:

     1- Mathieu Sbai develops different teaching methods including Aleph.
     2- He insists on the respect of childhood and the individuality of a child.
     3- He optimizes redundancies to offer learning that adapts to the age of the children.
     4- It uses various pedagogical strategies that promote interactive and playful learning.
     5- It encourages creativity and autonomy by letting the children decide on their own path.
     6- It emphasizes the social aspect of learning and promotes cooperation and exchange among children.
     7- It develops a positive attitude in children towards studies that give keys to success.
     8- It focuses on specific learning techniques.
     9- It sets up a serene work environment.
    10- It encourages children to enjoy studying and develop a sense of curiosity.

A method adapted to children's inspiration and interests

It should be noted that the Aleph method of Mathieu Sbai is also a pedagogical approach that focuses on the child’s learning technique and special needs. It emphasizes the individualization of teaching to take into account the specificities of the children. The latter can therefore learn at their own pace. The Aleph method is based on pedagogical strategies such as the use of games or individual supports. In addition, each child is involved. This technique promotes the creativity and autonomy of the children. They can decide on their course and put their learning into practice.

This method also emphasizes the importance of exchanges. It values the creation of solidarity and links. It comes to the respect of children and their well-being.

The Aleph method proposes a new way of learning.

The Aleph method of Mathieu Sbai proposes to erase the redundancies and to start on a progressive learning that adapts to the age of the children. We do not forget the basic notions, but we do not come back to them every year.